Re: Birkenstocks everywhere

Posted by Angie on 1/30/99
I know it is best to be fit by a professional for the Birks but I was desperate one day and ordered over the internet -- a pair of sandals with back straps. They offered a 60 day return guarantee, what did I have to lose? My schedule was so full I certainly didn't have time to go shop for them in person -- and my feet hurt so bad that I had to try something! I noticed an immediate relief the minute I ripped them out of the box and put them on! Not a cure, but major relief. I take LOdine XL and between the Birks and the meds, I am pretty much pain free. Well, i have a high level of pain tolerance so I doubt that I am "pain free". I'm not ready to increase my physical activity yet (I'm already on my feet alot) but am feeling hope.

My point is, if you can't find a retail store nearby, by all means order some over the internet and get started! My sandals are one size too small and I am returning them as soon as the other pair of regular type shoes gets here and I am sure I can wear them. Even with my toes rubbing the rim of the sandal, they feel better than anything else has in a long, long while.

Good luck. Sometimes we just have to "take a chance". 15:49:54

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