Re: aggravated after surgery

Posted by Phil A. on 1/30/99
For a post-surgery person you seem like one of the LUCKY ones - you state your pain is "maybe even worse" than before surgery. I hope you feel better soon --- but you should also be alittle more realistic.... You only had the surgery 12-28-98. Many people who post to this heelspurs site, after surgery, are complaining of some really severe pain even several months after.

Still can't figure out why anyone has surgery if they have read ALL the entries in this site. NO ONE has stated they have been CURED from surgery = PAIN FREE! Most lamment they are in more pain than before, have nerve damage, scar tissue pain, trapped nerves, etc, etc,. With all these warnings from other PF sufferers - nobody needs to be surprised when surgery makes things worse instead of better. 18:04:19

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