Re: Plantar Fascitis - HELP !!!!!

Posted by Cathy on 1/31/99

Dear Colin, I was very touched by your letter.I am a relativly new sufferer and wish I could say I knew where to direct you.My podiatrist is sending me to a practioner of Active Release Technique.It is supposed to be very effective for loosing adhesions and scar tissue.I have not yet begun treatment so I cannot offer any perspective.If you are interested ,you may want to call Dr.Joe Leahy at (408)358-7900 or Dr.Mike Leahy (719-473-7000) I live in Montreal and will see an athletic therapist here,but I beleive these doctors pioneered this treatment and would be able to advise you if this might help you.By the way, my husband is from Senegal. All the best and though its cold comfort,you are far from alone!Cathy 14:43:01

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