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Posted by Lyndel on 2/01/99

Thanks for the comments! This is a great place to exchange information with others who "feel" what I feel!

On the info about natural supplements. My wife has a book that is huge and goes into depth on how each and every natural supplement you can buy will work for you. She has read me some pretty interesting and off the wall stuff out of that book! I usually try anything she's read out of it and 8 out of 10 times the remidy seems to work. If you our the rest of the group are interested, I'll post the author and name of the book just as soon as I can find it. :~) Gotta call my wife and see where she hid it. :~) I know, typical of a guy to say. :~)

From reading past posts, it sounds like some of you have this PF pretty bad! Scared the heck out of me this weekend when my feet started hurting worse. Mine hurt quite a bit, but not bad enough to keep me off my feet yet. In church yesterday morning, I found myself thinking back to some posts I read of how people are standing on the side of their feet. I tend to do that and I'm now working on not. I found that if I shift my weight back and forth like I'm fidgeting, my feet hurt much much less. Also, something I do just about all the time (I'm sure people wonder what I'm doing) is when I'm standing still somewhere, I will lean forward with my feet flat on the ground and streach my calf and arch muscles. Feels really good and for about a half hour later I can still feel the strech in the bottom of my foot. Hope this might help someone.

See ya

Lyndel 10:15:24

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