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Posted by Lyndel on 2/01/99
hello all,

I don't want to scare anyone but thought you all might like to hear about his!

I've had PF for over a year now. I went to a podiatrist last January and he took x-rays and said I was in the begining stage of bone spur to my left heel. He wrapped it and gave me a cortisone shot for the pain. I never felt the shot (I guess some people it really hurts worse than anything they've ever felt) My pain went away for a while but came back. I finally got orthopedic inserts for my boots. They helped alot until recently.

While I was having all this, a friend who works with my wife asked me what to do because he was having the same pain only on the heal and side of his foot. Sometimes on the bottom. It seemed to keep moving on him. My friend went to see my podiatrist and to make a long story short he didn't find bone spur or PF and ended up giving my friend 5 cortisone shots over a couple of months time!

My friend found no relief from the shots or having his foot wrapped. He decided to see a Orthopedic surgeon. The doctor was shocked that my friend had received more than 5 shots and alot of his muscle tissue was destroyed! The Orthopedic surgeon took a MRI and CAT scan and found out he had a TUMOR IN THE HEEL BONE!

My friend had surgey a couple weeks ago and the tumor had completly eaten the heel bone away except for a shell. He had to have bone grafted from his hip into his heel to replace all the missing soft bone tissue.

My friend says he feels better now than before the surgery and he's still in a foot cast!

What's my reason for this message....reasearch everything about your foot problem before you take drastic measures and don't heasitate to ask questions of everyone you can if you feel a hunch about something regarding your feet!

Good luck! I've got an appointment with an Orto surgeon soon! :~)

Lyndel 11:18:33

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