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Posted by Diane R. on April 23, 1998 at 19:53:48:
Peggy -
I'm identifying with your plight, and I too just turned 50 ... one year ago I was in so much pain that I was at the point you seem to be now. I was in constant pain in both feet, with each step more of a limp than a stride. It hurt so much in bed at night that my sleep was severely effected.

That's when I started the birks(100%) and the rest has been improvement most of the way...some ups/downs through my own errors and experimentation with the shoes - until now where I continue being pain free. I do so many things without thinking of my feet and can shop malls, climb moderate hiking trails, etc. As the saying goes " a new lease on life".

After my experience with this particular shoe (including e-mail from others sharing their experiences), I truly believe you won't get much success wearing these shoes just part-time. People have said they just don't get to "feeling comfortable" and I think your feet never get the complete healing they need to get pain free.

As you will see if you try on the Arizona style Birk, it is not possible to put your orthotic in this style Birk shoe. It's a sandal- type slip on without back strap. The footbed itself is like one full length "orthotic"... in that it is hard(cork) with a raised/molded arch area and a molded metatarsal area and a deep heel cup. If fitted properly and worn 100% - it is my belief that most people will find they can get to feeling almost pain free in 3 mths. as I did. If I had started the glucosamine supplements & calcium/mag. sooner I might have seen even better results sooner than I did.

It really takes a big commitment to these shoes to see success and for me the scare of surgery - made me make that commitment. If surgery sounds like something you would like to avoid and you decide to go for the birks - I will be happy to give you the many (boring) minute details of how I made it work for me. I also could share some of my own personal conclusions as to why I think they work. Fit is very important and could discuss this in some detail if you would like more input in that department. Feel free to e-mail me if all this appeals to you.
Best of luck which ever route you decide upon... Diane R.

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