Re: I think I have tried everything...advice please

Posted by Diane R. on 2/01/99
Kathy, that's good advice from Robin, you may indeed need the higher arches -- just make sure you try the Tatami's out in the store for quite awhile.

I too had been told I have really high arches by a podiatrist so I talked to the owner of a birk store about getting this style instead of the Arizona ones I had been wearing. He had me wear the Tatami's in the birk store for a good half hour (just stood & walked around while he waited on other people). After that amount of time, my feet were really starting to hurt in the arch area. I decided to stay with the classic foot bed. The owner of the birk store was really great and would not let me switch footbeds without wearing them in the store for because as he stated, the Tatami arches are "really high". I know some people who could not stand to wear birks have unkowingly gotten this style and later on did o.k. with the Arizona. They have styles for everyone I guess! 12:25:37

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