Re: Pain for more than four years.

Posted by Dayna on 2/01/99
That's a lot of painrelievers. Are your orthotics also 4 years old, maybe you need to get checked again for fit? Have you been to a podiatrist or orthopedic person lately? You say you tried anti-inflammatories, have you tried Daypro? It helped me. Can't recommend injections, majority opinion from the board is didn't help or didn't last, avg. less than a month, my personal experience was very bad. I have another question, why are you jumping? Is it possible you're continuing the same activity that caused the injury in the first place? I tried to macho my way through like that, don't give in to the pain, it was a painful mistake. I know many of us have had to change our entire lifestyle because of this condition, sucky though that is. The opinion on surgery is last resort and might not help but lately it seems some people are having some success, but there are different types of surgery too. Try Birks, I've not investigated them as I wear my shoes and custom orthotics 23 1/2 hours a day and can't wear anything that doesn't lace up tight tight tight, so Birks aren't an option, but many people here swear by them. Do get them fitted at a Birk store if possible, as the sizes don't necessarily have much to do with what size you wear in other shoes. Good luck and let us know how you do. 12:25:49

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