Re:Birks, fit is most important-Yes!(long-enter at your own risk))

Posted by Robin on 2/01/99
If you have to wear thick socks to use up the space at the toe, it sounds like you may have bought too large a shoe. Did you get fitted in a Birk store by a Birk salesperson? I have found them to be very knowledgeable about the shoes they sell. If you didn't get fitted properly, I'd bring the shoes into any Birkenstock store and ask for some advice. Also, if you buy another pair and have a Birkstenstock store nearby, you might bring with you the socks you plan to wear -- so you can try the shoes on with them.

I don't know about "gliding." My Birks fit well and I walk pretty normally in them. They stay on well when I walk and they don't seem to move back and forth. I'm not one of those people who can say that Birkenstocks cured me. I still have pain; sometimes plenty of it. But these shoes do more for me than any others I have tried. They have given me back SOME mobility and that's something. 12:30:12

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