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Posted by Diane R. on 2/01/99
I have been married 30+ years. Yes, usually, he is the Saint some of you have described... and then sometimes he forgets or seems like he doesn't remember my feet at all! Pretty normal reactions as it is hard to understand something you have never felt.

When I was really bad (4 yrs of that) he seemed to remember it more than today when I'm doing better. At first I think he wanted me to have surgery as a quick fix... but after reading this site and showing him the comments he had to agree it was not. Those times were tough sometimes but he hung in there and so did I.

Now that I have found the birks - he is so supportive of my wearing them because he can see the improvement. We can now go for walks again, go hiking etc. If I don't wear them, he's the one to say "are you sure you can wear those shoes" to a wedding etc... he'd rather I wore my ugly navy blue sandals with a silk dress - which I used to do - than have a relapse ...and he's the one to speak up & tell people why if they question my attire!

When my feet were really bad I did try to "save my feet" for those types of activities which we could do together and then I tried not to complain about how they felt... he knew without my saying anything. I virtually gave up shopping except for groceries and then only quick in and out trips.

For the most part though, I try not to get started talking about PF around him - as I think it gets boring - fast - to non PF'ers. Instead, I tune in here at this site and "vent" by talking about what's working and what isn't etc. Thanks to Scott, for this site, and the opportunity to get help and/or to help others. Diane R. 12:48:06

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