Re: I think I have tried everything...advice please

Posted by Alicia on 2/01/99
Kathy: Your history sounds a lot like mine, except I have had PF for 8 years. Most recently aggravated by step aerobics. I have also tried myofascial release - did you have any relief at all? I have only had 3 sessions and there has been some relief (very brief), but there is no pattern to it. It's too expensive for me to continue. The laser treatment you are talking about may be the Ossatron orthotripsy that is described on this message board. (Go back several pages and look for discussions) If you have the chance to do this and live in an area where you can get it, I would say go for it - It would be my next step if I lived where it is offered. Good luck. 17:04:59

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