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Posted by CJ on 2/01/99
Thanks for the support. Today has really been a bad day for me.
The more I think of it, the less I like the surgery. It wouldn't be the first time I got talked into surgery. I have had "Five" back operations and each time, the same problems come back after a short while.
I am very prone to scar tissue and was afraid that this may happen in my foot too.
The doctor is saying either "do surgery" or there is nothing else I can do for you" type deals. Pain meds don't help that much, and with the depression, it isn't easy to get along with anyone.
My family is just telling me to hurry up,shut up, and do something or quit complaining.
When I tell them how long I would have to be off my feet, they all just "OK already". I know what they did when I did have the back surgeries, and that was about zilch, so why should I expect more now?

Anyway, thanks guys for the support. Until my sister finally had some back pain, she just thought "I was faking it". Now she knows better.
My family just sees the dollar signs at the end of the lawyer's talk, and think that it will solve everything too.
Nice way for a family to think of you isn't it, by what money you can provide for them?

CJ 18:28:20

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