Re: Deep Tissue Massage and Physical Therapy

Posted by Elise on 2/02/99

I had a horrible experience with Physical Therapy. I initially had a bad case of PF in one foot and a very mild case in the other foot. 2 hours after my first session of PT, I had excruciating pain in both feet, and my foot which was initially mild is now my worse foot.

When nothing else was helping, I decided to go to a physiatrist (an MD trained in physical rehabiliation). when I told him the exercises prescribed by my PT, he said it was much too strenous and aggressive and started me on a much less rigorous routine. I have made progress sinced I started my "gentler" exercise routine, but I still think that if I don't find the right orthotics, I'm never going to fully recover.

Anyway, my experience has been that exercise can be helpful or harmful, depending on technique and aggressiveness. 16:04:00

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