Posted by Jenny Lewis on 2/03/99
I've just been rushing (well, hobbling) around London making some similar enquiries. I tried Scholls, and the woman there was so very helpful I could have hugged her. They recommend a shaped insert which admittedly was also a bit pricey, but it can be used in any pair of ordinary reasonably "solid" shoes, ie no low cut courts or similar. And every few weeks they check and adjust it as the arch shape (hopefully) improves. Don't know if they do something similar in your part of the world, but it's worth an ask.

Today I went to a funny little old fashioned place near where I work, which I had never really looked at before. They actually make shoes to order, how wonderful I thought, and they also sell a few other types, including Birks, which they have to send for. The chap was SO nice and helpful and friendly, I could have hugged him too. I now have the catalogue of styles and prices to think about, and I am going to see the doctor again on Friday and ask him to recommend me to a chiropodist or whatever, as I was not very happy with his pronouncement last week that "Nothing can be done". Rubbish. I refuse to accept that!

I didn't ask how much personalised handmade shoes would cost, but IF I ever make my fortune, which could take a while!, that is something I will go for, definitely.

Good luck in your search. 09:11:16

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