Re: Do you know the cost of surgery?

Posted by BarbJ on 2/03/99
Dear LouSou, I really feel for you but unfortunately do not know how much the surgery costs. It must be pretty expensive given the cost of everything medical these days. But I believe (and please, anyone, correct me if I am wrong) that surgery does not remove the heel spur, it releases the plantar fascia to relieve the tension on it which causes the heel spur in the first place. You may want to read this site and pick up some helpful tips on what has helped others the most. One of the alternatives to surgery may be the new "orthotripsy" procedure they are doing in Toronto right now. I believe this would be much less expensive than surgery and it has apparently been successful for many people so far. (You should definitely ask now many it has not helped!) It is still quite new in Canada and has not been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. yet but may be by the end of the year. If you go to the website,, you can find the information about it. I am waiting to see the full results of the trials in the U.S. but am considering having this done myself. I wish you the best of luck. 13:14:51

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