Re: Frustrated in NC

Posted by Dayna on 2/04/99
You don't have to be positive for us, we've all been there where the next person who tells us to "cheer up and stop being so negative" is Positively Going To Get A Fat Lip. If you need to moan, scream, whine, complain, gripe, cry, whimper, whatever, this is the place, because we all understand, you're among friends here. I'm sure you know about ice and inserts. Many people here swear by Birkenstock sandals and/or shoes and/or inserts. I can't speak for them either way, my particular brand of PF keeps me in tight lace-up shoes 23 1/2 hours a day, I only get out of them for showering (I have other shoes for that and I sit in the tub). Good luck and keep us informed, read back in the posts when you have some time, they go back a long way so be selective and don't try to read everything. 12:53:11

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