Re: What type of Dr is best???? Orthopedic or Podiatrist??

Posted by eileen on 2/04/99
I am also in favor of trying another orothopedic doc., maybe one with a specialty in athletic injuries or foot specialty. I tried 7 different anti-inflamatories till I found one that relieved the pain. I finally found Clinoril and taking it twice a day to be the only drug of all the samples I was give to work for me. So dont give up. Its a long slow process of finding the right treatment and medication that will work for you. Everybodys body is different and reacts differently to medications and different treatment. You need to be your own medical advocate, and do whats right for you.
I also feel you should at this point find a job that is not on your feet. The difference in constant pain and occasional can be a change in lifestyle for a while or permanently. My heel pain is 99% gone on a day to day basis since I changed jobs and stopped walking miles a day. I know can walk a mall and do all daily activities pain free. I continue to stretch daily. I am off antiinflamatories at this time. I did go through 2 long years of all the usual treatments without effect, and finally had epf in 8/97 with only mild relief of pain. The most pain relief I have had is changing to a sitting job and stopping a reg exersice routine. I hope to restart slowly in the spring if my feet feel good. time will tell.
good luck--eileen 13:47:58

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