Answer: Not For Everyone

Posted by Fred on 2/05/99
As you can tell by all the comments on this site, p.f. is different for everyone and therefore whether you will have to live with it forever or not can't be predicted. But one thing you need to remember about this site is that the vast majority of people who post to it: a) either got p.f. fairly recently and want ideas about how to get rid of it; or b) have had it for a long, long time, have tried everything, and get a lot of moral support by chatting with a lot of other long-term sufferers. Therefore, I would expect that those who once came to this site and got rid of their p.f. probably would not return. The number of people who are "cured" is therefore very difficult to predict, but my podiatrist claims that of the thousands of people he's seen, only a handful couldn't be helped (propaganda? I'm not sure). Good luck!! 08:02:21

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