Re: OK, is this forever?

Posted by julia on 2/05/99
Eilleen, my pain came on fast also. I got up from my desk at work one day and all the sudden had intense pain in my foot. My boss saw me and asked what was wrong, her first conclusion was heel spur. 2 months later I saw the podiatrist and that was it. That was 9 months ago. I had one cortisone injection and it only helped for about 2 weeks. I then decided to do some research on my own. I use the following to help with my pain: stretching, icing, store bought orthotics, and wear my Birkenstock sandals! (they are a life saver). I am now back to normal activities and using the treadmill again. I treat my foot like a baby though and when it hurts I do take care of it. 16:48:08

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