Re: OK, is this forever? Carolyn

Posted by Sandy in Utah on 2/05/99
Hi Carolyn. I have suffered with pf for 4 years. I used to run, waterski, hike, walk 6 miles, ski, and was paralyzed by pf. I had surgery in December and have never been happier or felt better. Read Freds answer on on for everyone, as he has a very good point in that not many success stories post. I am definetly a success story and highly reccomment surgery, you have nothing to loose if you can't function. I would be in tears at night after working in my yard, etc. because the pain was so "hot". I spent my last summer icing more than doing anything else. I had a small incision on the inside of my feet (did both at once) and the pf was released 3/4 of the way. I went to aerobics today and walked everyday in Mexico last week at least 2 miles and even though it was painful at the time, everyday brought more healing and the next day would feel better!! I have followed the advice of my physical therapist and podiatrist and feel they knew the best treatment for me. Please feel free to let me know if you would like more info. Don't be afraid of surgery if you have tried everything else. It's stupid to live in pain and I deeply regret not doing this 3 years ago. Attitude also plays an important part in healing. I was determined to walk again. I look forward to hiking again this summer. It's a priviledge I have not enjoyed for 3 years.
God luck to don't have to live with the pain! 23:04:21

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