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Posted by Lyndel on 2/06/99
Sue & Robin, Thanks for the advice. You got to remember tho, I'm in Montana and there is only ONE place here that sells Birks. The next closest place is 150 miles away in Billings Montana which is the largest city in the state! Hey we only have 800 thousand people in the forth largest state anyway! :~) That is why I asked about the outlets and ordering online. This darn town I live in is a tourist trap and everything is very expensive! (I bought a falling down 4 bedroom home last year and it still was over 100 grand!) Anyway, I'll look around Billings when I get there next week. Not sure I'll find anything as where I live is the hippie capitol of this state and Billings is more Cowboys and Indians (I'm not kidding!)

They fitted me here at the local store. I think they did a good job. They made sure there was about 1/8 inch front and back and the width felt good (I have wide feet with high insteps) I think I dont have a high arch tho, when I put the birks on they felt like a giant pitchers mound under my arch! The cutout in the heel was nice tho! Wish my orthos had that.

Where did you order them on the internet????

Thanks for the info everyone....

Oh by the way, I tried some calf and toe stretch for about 5 minutes before I got out of bed this morning and boy was it nice to hit the floor with my feet and not hobble! I couldn't believe it! After a year of limping for about the first 10 steps in the morning I walked pain free! Even today walking for work it wasn't to bad. This stretching thing is really working. I'm able to bend well past the 30 degrees they talk about and getting easier each time I stretch. I even stretch while working if there is a spare moment! Stretching has worked best of everything I've tried so far!

See ya in the morning! 00:29:47

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