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Posted by Lyndel on 2/06/99
I've had orthotics for about 9 months now. they are the hard plasitc type they call the sport orthotics. It has a leather type cover over the plastic. Mine only come halfway from my heels to the ball of my feet. The first time I put them on they felt funny but after a day or so (like the birks and anything else you try) you cant walk without them. For me, It seems like if I keep changing my shoes, inserts and keep changing everthing my feet feel better. I also step off high steps carefully anymore. This past week I was running up and down my stairs quite a bit and boy are my feet letting me know that was the wrong thing to do. Sure makes my job of getting in and out of the back of my service pick-up a pain! I crawl down while the rest of the guys I work with jump off the sides of the truck. They are calling me the old man and I'm only a few years older than them! I'm only 36 and feel like a crippled old man! Hate to think what lifes gonna be like in just a few years! 00:43:22

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