Re: Just Call Me Limp Along (for Susie!)

Posted by Lyndel on 2/06/99

Thanks! My mother named me. Said she couldn't think of a name and asked her sisters (all 10 of them) if they liked Del, they said no, asked them if they liked Lyn, they said no, they liked Dellyn but she didnt so swapped them and came up with Lyndel. Anyway...the doc wrapped my feet 3 different times. Each time I was able to keep the wrap on for about a week. I would even take a grocery bag (the plastic ones) and wrap them aroud my wrapped foot and seal it at the top with a rubber band. Kept some of the water out. Anyway, It really helped alot. I couldn't believe how tight he made it the first time. I thought it would be uncomfortable and was for a few steps until my foot got use to the padding and tape. After that it was pure heaven and I'm thinking of going back because I've been walking on my toes so much lately to relive the pain from my heels (both) that my ankle and legs hurt clear up to my hips.

Do you get deep pain in your foot? I've been getting that lately. Kinda scares me! My friend had the same pain in one foot only. Started on the outside and moved around the heel of his foot. Turned out to be a TUMOR!!! Had to have a operation! They grafted bone from his hip to fill in his heal where the tumor completly ate the entire heal away except for a shell! Now that will scare you to death! My friend says I really need to see an Orthipedic sergon soon and I think I'm gonna make an appointment with his doctor in the near future if this pain dont simmer down soon. Wasn't bad for a couple of months but anytime I stand for more than about 15 minutes I hurt for weeks after that!

Enough of my babbling. I'm going to bed....see ya in the morning. This is the second thing I check anymore besides email :~) 01:07:54

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