Re: Mephisto Shoes

Posted by Sue on 2/06/99
MiMi, we seem to be on the same track, maybe we will bump into each other at a shoe store!! I have bought two pairs of Mephistos in the last two weeks. Lila for 50% off and their top of the line walker Rush for $40 off. As much as I want to make these shoes work, they don't. I feel they provide excellent support without the rigidity of the Birks. Unfortunately, the arch begins almost in the toe box and really bothers me.Where I really need the support is closer to the middle of my foot. I guess the French foot is different. I do feel the sole is the perfect mix of firmness and cushion. I really wish they would work. Perhaps they will fit you better. I have no interest in the SAS shoe or Ecco. I have had a fiasco getting fitted with Birks, but I pick up the right pair tomorrow. 02:10:20

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