To Chris

Posted by alex on 2/06/99
Chris - I think you know that I did, in fact, visit with your acupuncturist, Dr Kim, while I was in Atlanta. I had six treatments with him over two weeks. As you may have read from earlier posts I have also experienced significant reduction in pain following my his acupuncture and earlier sessions with a Chinese acupuncturist. My problem was that the PF was clearly not actually going away. I still had incredible morning stiffness and varying degrees of discomfort all day. So I decided on a cortisone shot - which has, so far (6 days later) had a tremendous positive impact. For the last three days I have walked directly to the bathroom in the morning - after such a short time I now have to remind myself to stretch. I know its early days, but here's hoping............ Best wishes - and thanks for passing on Dr Kim's name to me. 17:45:59

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