Re: Just Call Me Limp Along (for Susie!)

Posted by Dayna on 2/07/99

If your primary says there's nothing to be done, you just have to learn to live with it, etc. DUMP them and try to get changed to another primary. I had the same thing happen when I changed insurers,
I've had PF for a while so I knew what it was when it flared up again, but in the other foot. My doctor told me I would just have to live with chronic pain and refused to give me a referral to my wonderful podiatrist. I was limping so badly I was almost broken down and going back on crutches, and the strain was starting to affect my 'bad' foot. I paid myself to go to my podiatrist and was all taken care of in a few days, I just needed 1/2 hour on the ultrsound and some heavy duty Daypro. That, combined with ice and rest and some extra compression from an arch support band had me back to normal. Not all doctors know what they're talking about. I know some people say orthopedist is better than a podiatrist but I've had very good luck with mine. The only time I had a problem was when she was out and I had to see her partner, he's the one that gave me the horrible cortizone shot. Good luck and keep us informed, we care. 14:08:51

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