Re: Bare Feet (back at you L)

Posted by Mary D on 2/07/99
Lyndel, you're funny! I understand about the 'no shoes in the house rule'. My husband is very picky about that-especially since we have a new house and new carpet. It took a visit to the POD to convince him I needed to have SOMETHING on my feet at all times. So I got a pair of really comfortable slippers with an arch support in them. They work well and I am not ashamed of them when company comes by! I understand about the Birk complex. I live in Seattle, we almost have to have one pair of Birks per household! But when I was visiting my family in Pittsburgh (I was carring my twins), I asked for a pair of Birks because my feet were going my the miniute, and they looked at me like I was from MARS!!
Have you tried talking to a Podiatrist about inserts? If you get good inserts ($400) you will be may be able to were your boots and more. I am getting mine next week.
Keep streatching. What I mean when you are suspending your calf is that you are placing your calf in a constant streatch or pull. My PT warned me about boots and wearing the same boot too long. I am a firefighter and those boots are not made with PF in mind! Talk to your local PT about streatching and exercises that will help.

Good luck, feel free to e-mail me at my own address. Keep dance'n.
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