Re: Tell me about surgery please?- Sarah in SF

Posted by Sandy on 2/08/99
Hi Sarah! I feel you pain! I had ultra sound treatments, water bath treatments, electrode treatments, cortizone shots, wrapping, icing, massage, inactivity, wore hiking boots for 6 months solid, I have and still wear orthodics, night splints, you name it, I think I did it until I had had enough. My surgery was very sinple, an incision on the inside of my foot below the ankle and s 3/4 of the way cut on the pf. The first week was rugged but I wa on my feet after 7 days and everyday got better. There was a lot of burning in my heels for the first 2 weeks and I thought I would go wild, but the more I walked, the better my feet would feel the next day. I had no swelling and was into regular shoes within the week. I was unconfortable only for 2 weeks. Not bad considering the years that I suffered with both feet in daily, constant pain. My e-mail id Please feel free to drop and line and I can give you more info on exactly what my dr. did. I did have out patient but went under for the 20 minute surgery. For me that was the most comfortable was to do it. Sandy 00:13:42

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