Re: MSM - anyone taking this?

Posted by Robin on 2/08/99
I'm not taking it -- but I do see a lot of seniors scooping up bottles of it in Walmart. If you start it, would you let us know if you see any difference? And especially with a note about how long it takes until you see a difference?

I am taking glucosamine sulfate, have been since mid-December. I take 2000 mgs day, sometimes a little less. I don't know if it's helping or not to be honest. Some days I have pretty good days and I think maybe it's helping. Other days I would be happy to live without my feet and I think it's not working at all. Now I'm taking the NSAID Relafen for my hands and wrists -- and my PF isn't quite so bad but my hands and wrists are really no better -- so in truth, I have no idea at all what's working and what isn't. I think I may ditch the Relafen pretty soon, stay with the glucosamine for another month or two and hope for the best. Will be reading to see if you have any luck with MSM. 18:37:51

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