Re: Gave up the night splints

Posted by Bobbie on 2/08/99
Hi Lysa! I know what you mean about the job and trying to get control of your life. I too feel I must change things at work. I went in and talked to my supervisor again today to see if I could work part time or change to something with less walking. Unfortunatley, there isn't much else available to me at my present job. I may have to start looking for something else. This is very difficult as I have been at this job for 13 years. Hard to make changes. I have some good days and then, like today, a bad day. I have to really fight the depression that goes with the pain; most of the time I win but sometimes, the depression and pain take over. Good luck to you and your plan. I think this is war against our pain and we have to attack it head on. 22:09:34

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