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Posted by carolyn on 2/09/99
Hi Janet-
Obviously there are two different camps about the hard inserts. My orthotics have been a life saver. I received them in early summer, yet didn't even try them for almost two months, because my doctor warned me they would take some getting used to. At that time I was already in pain everyday and had to do a lot of walking because of my job. So, I didn't want to add to the discomfort. Boy, was I stupid to wait. When I first put them on I thought they felt very strange. But within minutes of walking I could feel the difference. The first day I wore them for 7 hours without much problem. Now, I wear them all of the time, and I am positive that without them there would be no way I could exercise, walk the dogs, etc... Yep, I still have pain - but not while I am walking, doing step aerobics, and other activities. When I am using the othotics,I can do a one hour difficult step aerobics class without once thinking about my feet. So, for what it's worth, my orthotics were well worth the $375 investment. Good luck! 14:58:58

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