Re: birks vs ecco vs scholls...

Posted by Jenny Lewis on 2/10/99
Hi Suzanne

Yes, Dr Scholls - but when I wore them all those years ago as I mentioned they were a fashion sort of thing, can you believe it! They were the very plain wooden shaped base, with a one inch wide, approx, leather strap across the front. They were difficult to get used to, because you had to grip with your toes to hold on to these rather heavy solid "flip-flops". I had a pair of them for many years, but didn't often wear them outdoors after a while. I would get home from work or wherever and change into them to clump around the house, they were incredibly comfortable.

Now I'm getting used to the new Birks for clumping around the house, and also the inserts for putting into my shoes for the big wide world, and they are even more comfortable than I remember the Scholls. But, my memory may not be what it was. And it was never very much!

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