Ossatron Questions for John G.

Posted by Sandra Z on 2/10/99
John, many people on this site would appreciate answers to the following questions regarding Orthotripsy at the Institute for Sports Medicine in Toronto: (1) What is the Institute of Sports Medicine? How long has it existed, and does it do anything besides orthotripsy? (2) What are the qualifications and educational backgrounds of Drs. Galea and Gordon? (3) Exactly how many PF cases have these doctors treated, and what is their success rate? (4) What are the preliminary results of the FDA multi-center pivotal clinical trials in the US, and how likely is it that this will be available in the US anytime soon? (5) Is there a number my doctor can call to verify these results with the FDA? John, we are intrigued but need PROOF before we spend $1,492 US dollars plus plane fare on the Ossatron.

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