Question for John G about Bone Scans

Posted by Doug on 2/10/99

I called Dr. Galea about Orthotripsy and he said that patients need to get a bone scan to determine if you have PF. What a bone scan is, for those interested, is a dye is injected into your arm. This dye collects in areas where there has been bone growth or some change in bone. An X-ray of sorts is then done on the foot which reveals this dye. If the dye is concentrated near/on the plantar fascia, it proves one has PF.

I spoke to my Podiatrist about this and, although he says I have PF, he thinks the bone scan might not reveal much. My pain is not concentrated at the heel, but is more of a diffuse pain across the bottom of both feet. He thinks the dye wouldn't really collect. I also don't have spurs. If it is concentrated anywhere, the pain is in the arch. Can you comment on this, and say what a bone scan really shows, and if Orthotripsy might help someone like me? 13:44:14

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