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Posted by Jenny Lewis on 2/11/99
I know what you mean - the past few years have produced a few seemingly minor aches and pains, and I got to the point recently that if one more doctor started a sentence with "well, of course, at YOUR age ...." - I would not be responsible for my actions! Just as I was starting to get used to the idea of Life Begins at 40, I discovered that Things Start To Go Wrong at 50.

I was told I had a cataract a couple of years ago, had to have an operation on my right eye a plastic lens implant. Bionic woman, me. The highlight of all that, was the optician telling me that I was too young for this sort of thing to happen! Yippee. At last. How thrilling.

London is wonderful - maybe pounding the pavements all these years produced the bad foot? who knows. Anyway, I'm a born and bred townie and still love living here despite the crowds and pollution and litter and public transport. Strange. I was born and bred in South Africa but came to live here in 1971. It does require lots of walking though, so plan to visit some time as soon as the foot gets better. MUST assume it will, mustn't we?

It would be nice to organise a little expedition of visitors to these shores, I could hobble along and how you all round the sights, a bunch of people limping and saying ow. What a thought.

Must get some work done - the boss will be in here any minute, jumping up and down (HE hasn't got a sore foot) and expecting me to do things that I should be doing. How unreasonable.

Keep smiling


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