Dr. Leahy

Posted by Sue B. on 2/11/99

I don't know that I can really explain ART because I don't really understand it myself--something about breading up the scar tissue formed by the tear created by the PF--however, I saw Dr. Leahy in Los Gatos on Monday and had one treatment. Unfortunately, so far I don't see any improvement.

I have apts. for next week on Wed. and Fri. It is far for me to go see him because I live in L.A--but I figured it in non invasive and worth a shot. His prices are very reasonable.

I don't know if you live near the Dr. Leahy in Los Gatos or in Colorado.

I met someone who had very good results from Dr. Leahy so I am hoping for the best. I will eventually post my results on the board or if you want to send me your e-mail address I will let you know if it helped me or not.

I am very busy at the moment so if you post an answer to me on the board I probably won't see it because I don't have time to read all the messages--I probably won't answer your e-mail right away either, but I promise to answer eventually with the results.

Sue B.

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