Re: Visit some time!

Posted by eta on 2/11/99
Wow... sounds great... believe it or not.. I've not been hardly anywhere in my life.:(
My hubba says he wants us to put in for Europe (he is military) before he retires, so that I can see "the world". We havent' decided yet but the thought of Europe is enticing as long as I don't have to walk
Anyways, glad to hear your feet are doing well. I have good days and bad. Just when it seems I am taking a step forward I ended two back:( oh well.
Actually I need a Cure for this coming tuesday... Mardi Gras ya know!
Mister doesnt throw to a sitter!! I'm sure i'll make it through the day, but will pay the price for it. sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

blessings !
elaine 20:08:12

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