Re: Morning pain

Posted by Jerry on 2/12/99
Mary Kay,

I also use the Strassburg sock and swear by it. I wore it for only about 2 wks and my pain was essentially gone. I now only wear it at night after having run during the day. I have had heel pain for a number of years and it didn't seem to be getting any better, but I am essentially cured I believe now. It was the best $25 or $30 I have spent. I recently (2/6/99) ran a 20 mile trail run in NC and wore the sock that night and have had no heel pain from the run (now my calves from when they cramped at mile 17 - that's a different story!)

Anyway - give the sock a try. There is a web page for the sock.

Note: I am a 49 yr old male who has run off and on for last 10 yrs.

Good luck to you

Jerry 17:34:41

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