cure is nowhere near!

Posted by Lyndel on 2/12/99
Susie & Bobbie,

Boy, what a sad subject title I put up there! :~/ I got to thinking about someone studying this and finding a cure. HA! My father has Parkinsens disease (last 8 years) Since Michael J. Fox went on national TV people are just starting to pay attention to that disease and believe me, it makes our troubles seem small (not petty, small) Today my father told me they are going to try some new medicine on him next week. He is scard because the last time it cause his mind to go berzerk and he had horrible nightmares for weeks afterwards. The only thing that works for parkinsens disease patients is drugs. My father hates this. He is 71 years old and looks over 100 years because of it. After talking with him today and seeing how his tremors are getting worse lately (they say after 8 years, you cant control the disease anymore with drugs, they just become imune to it) I feel fantastic to have this group to exchange ideas with. My father had nothing! I have all of you! Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading this board each day and the guys at the Birk store here said they were going to check into the site so they can better help customers with my same problems which they say they get in the store quite often! How about that huh?

Take care everyone

Lyndel 23:41:19

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