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Posted by Sue on 2/13/99
I went to a podiatrist for the first time on Thurs. It was very depressing. In writing I listed all the remedies I have tried to date. He simply wasn't listening, filled out a presciption for ibuprophen, taped my foot, and said there wasn't much hope. I pointed out I already had taken ibuprophen 800 mgx3/day for inflammation. Been there done that...He liked my Birk inserts which I wear with a one inch heel. Unfortunately, I have been wearing these every day for two months with no relief. Taping the foot is a joke. I actually took in 3 prs of shoes for him to review. He really likes cushion. He says I have very little heel padding which has irritated the bursa on the bottom of my foot. Sorry I can't be more positive. 01:37:56

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