Re: Morning Stretching

Posted by Mary Kay on 2/15/99
Thank you, Lindel for your advice and your sense of humor. This message board has really boosted my spirits. One of my first experiences "talking" to people I never met but I never had a good reason to before. It's very educational, really drives home the point to take this very seriously, when I hear from & about people like yourself, who have had this a year or longer.

Either that heel-toe hook must be easier than it sounds, or you are a very flexible person. I'll try it anyway later on, and anyhow I'm sure I can try the toe curling. I think the towel-stretch (towel hooked under foot) accomplishes a similar thing to the heel-toe hook, except I substituted an old scarf for the towel, it seems easier to handle. It's certainly worth trying anything that works, to avoid that feeling of helplessness, like you said, hobbling around. Only my dog is witness to that, in my case. Hopefully we'll soon be hopping instead of hobbling, and you can show off for your wife when you are well. 10:32:38

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