Foot wear tricks

Posted by Gordon on 2/15/99
When walking,I wear new balance walking shoes with custom orthodics.
The orthodics are not the fiberglass ones but the graphite type for a stiffer support and the are lined all the way to the toes so there is no transition bump to iritate the arch. More expensive but worth it.

I tried taping (the doctor did it) but that made my foot too hot and then the burning got bad.

I don't wear any socks at all unless my feet are doing really well , because my feet get hot and later burn. This is embarrasing at times but I found it works( makes a big difference). Now that my feet are better I can wear socks but only if I maintain my vit C and exercising. I even go skiing and walk in the snow with no socks. I put my orthodics in the ski boot or snow boot. Never thought I would ski again in my life. If my feet get hot skiing I just put em on the snow for a few minutes. Then before I start sking again I let them warm a little. Never push a cold muscle.

When exercising, I wear the same New balance shoes although I kick them off when I do mat work and I alternate mat work and standing excercises to make sure I don't overheat them.

I have a pair of Burkenstock sandles for around the house but I modified them by lifting the heel. Actually, they irritate the arch so I only use them for short periods.

I know all of this sounds like a lot,and if I was just starting out with this problem I'ld think this is nuts but I'm healthier now than I've been since I was a teenager. 17:54:51

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