lousy dr.'s, -does anyone know of a good dr., etc.?

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Posted by Shaira on April 03, 1998 at 11:58:29:
So I went to another dr. here in San Francisco. I told him I wanted orthopedic shoes because the shoes I have hurt my feet. I only have one pair of shoes, New Balance. I can't wear anything on my feet. The top of feet hurt in these shoes and there's no shoes wide enough for me.

He told me that I don't NEED orthopedic shoes.

I just love the way dr.'s tell you what YOU NEED!!!

I'm going to name all the lousy dr.'s I've seen: O'Brien, Pfeffer, Kailikole.

If anyone knows of a dr. here in SF or off of BART that is good and would prescribe shoes to me please e-mail me or put it up in the group.


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