Re: Inflamed Bursa

Posted by Lynda on 2/16/99
I have had heel pain in both feet, worse on the right, for going on 7 years. I had the endoscopic release in 3/96 and open procedure in 1/97. At the time of surgery my podiatrist found an inflamed bursal sac and thought my problems were over. Well, guess what, they're not? It's developed into a chronic pain since I had it so long before finding cause. I take Nortriptyline (an anti-depressant) solely for my feet and it's made a world of difference. There's been a study that some anti-depressants can suppress nerve pain. This summer also I decided to try Birkenstocks even though I was sure they wouldn't help. Well, I have 2 pair now, the sandals, and the clogs, and I love them. Wear them every day. Hope this helps. 17:23:40

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