To Diane R re rotator cuff tear

Posted by Sandra Z on 2/16/99
PT can do wonders for a rotator cuff tear--I have a huge tear in my right shoulder (confirmed by MRI), and at times it used to be so painful I literally couldn't lift my arm out of my lap--my shoulder was frozen with pain. I tried anti-inflam drugs and had cortisone injected into my shoulder, but the pain kept coming back. Then I went to PT and learned some simple exercises with a huge stretch band, and my shoulder has NEVER frozen again. If it starts to ache, I just do more of the exercises and the pain subsides. I can even play golf if I do my exercises. I still can't shoot basketballs or wallpaper or swim, but those are really the only limits. Please try PT for your tear!

Do others out there with plantar fasciitis also have torn rotator cuffs? My doctor says I'm just unlucky, that the two conditions (and the back surgery I had to have 2 years ago for a ruptured disk!) are unrelated, but I wonder if something stuctural isn't wrong....I'm 38, normal weight, otherwise healthy! Doesn't seem fair, does it, to have multiple problems like this? But the surgery fixed my back, and the PT keeps the shoulder working, so if I can just cure this heel thing I'll be in good shape! Good luck to you, and keep in touch! 22:24:46

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