Re: Morning Stretching

Posted by Mary Kay on 2/16/99
Hi Pam. Mostly the only stretching exercises I know about for this problem are the ones suggested previously in these messages (see Lyndel's response above, and my response to his response -- directly above your name on the message board), also Mary Ann's response to me on 2/12/99.

I have a feeling that the runner's stretch is probably a good idea too (classic stretch for calf muscles), although this one is done standing and obviously, must be done after getting out of bed! The best way I can describe it is a kind of lunge (front knee bent, back leg straight, several feet behind you) with your hands holding a table or desk for support. You can feel the tension in your back leg, and also can get a different little stretch on the front leg by moving heel up and down (with toes on the ground). I am by no means an authority on medicine or sports, so I can't say for sure how helpful (or even harmful) this could be, to our conditions, but it seems to me that this is a good stretch.

Personally I'm at the point of trying just about anything that seems practical and helpful! Hope you get some good results. 23:24:10

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