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Posted by Rick on 2/17/99
The key to preventing PF is getting good support for your feet, especially in the arch area. According to a podiatrist with whom my company has been associated, "[PF occurs for] one simple reason: the arch of the foot is not getting enough support."

You can practice "preventive" foot health - Some general rules are (1) Make sure you always get properly fitted with shoes. Choose and purchase your shoes and the socks you wear with them as a "system." Most people wear their shoes too small. Make sure the shoes give you plenty of support in the arch area [if you have "high" arches, you will be at risk for PF]. (2) Get plenty of exercise, but don't increase your frequency or your intensity more than about 10% in any one-week period. (3) Be sure to stretch properly before AND after exercising. (4) If you experience pain in your feet or legs (or any part of your body for that matter) during or immediately after exercising, notice where it is and what you have been doing. If it doesn't subside within several days, see a doctor.

Another factor is important to note: As you age, the fatty pads on the bottom of your feet break down. This degeneration makes you more susceptible to foot injuries. Protecting your feet and taking care of them while you are young can help mitigate this degenerative effect of aging.

Good luck. I hope you DON'T get PF. 07:35:03

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