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Posted by Rick on 2/17/99
I have fairly high arches, and in my personal experience, Birkenstock and Ecco are probably the best. Birkenstock particularly has a contoured footbed that should fit pretty well in the arch area. Keep in mind that every foot is different. Some people swear by Birks. Some swear by Mephisto. Others, such as yourself, have not had good results with these shoes (were you properly fitted?). The acid test is really what feels comfortable for you.

On the subject of running shoes, there are several different categories of running shoes. Runner's World magazine categorizes them as follows: motion control, cushioned shoes, and stability shoes. Motion control shoes are designed to counteract overpronation. Cushioned shoes are designed to provide little if any motion control and lots of cushioning against impact. Stability shoes are typically neutral (no motion control) and not quite as protective as cushioned shoes, but allow the foot to move dynamically without "turning over" too much. I don't know specifically about New Balance 586, but I would say choose whatever feels best for you. It might behoove you to get a gait analysis and see which type of running shoe would be most appropriate. A good fitter can look at the bottom and sides of your shoes and see where they have been worn and at least tell you what tendency you may have. Also, the current edition of Runner's World has their annual shoe review. It's worth a look. My personal choice for running is Brooks. I wear the Radius model.

Other shoes that have worked well for me are Rockport Pro Walkers, and Timberland low cut casuals. For dress shoes, Allen Edmonds in my opinion are without equal.

My mother chose Easy Spirits when she had her PF problem; and they worked great for her. She got fitted with a pair of Thorlos and the Easy Spirits, and within 6 weeks she was back doing aerobics again.
Being a man, it's difficult for me to recommend specific shoes for women. But, again, from what I know Birks and Eccos are as good as, if not better than anything available. Best advice I can give is to keep looking and trying until you find something that works, then stick with it.

I hope this helps. You can e-mail me if you want to discuss further. 15:37:56

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