Re: Rotar Cuff & PF - Please help - I have ???'s

Posted by BarbM on 2/18/99
I too have the rotator cuff problem - the first PT I went to about killed me. I did not go back. I started having so much pain I couldn't sleep and could hardly get my clothes on. Finally I had to do something, so I went to a different PT. They did ultrasound, massage, heat the first visit. Gradually they added excerises followed by icing. Slowing I could feel improvement. After several months of therapy (and doing heat - excerises - then icing at home) I am 99% improved. Hang in there - don't give up. The PT told me to always stop if the pain started - it is a slow process but will help. I think the heat helped loosen the shoulder and arm before excerising and icing after and NEVER overdoing was the answer. God bless. 09:27:48

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