Re: Acupuncture failure

Posted by alex on 2/19/99
Sorry about your problems with acupuncture. As I've said on several occasions I had significant pain relief from my two series of acupuncture treatments, but I never sensed that the PF was actually being cured. I was still aware of it 24hrs a day, with extreme morning stiffness (went away after good stretches) and varying degrees of discomfort the rest of the day. I finally went to a new Dr - orthopedist - and he convinced me to try a cortisone short. That was 3 wks ago, and I have been feeling beter that at any time in the past 6 mos - virtually no morning stiffness, and only very slight occasional pain. (I have read all that everyone has said about the good effects being temporary, and am taking things very carefully.) The Dr says that for many people cortisone shots can work - but only after about 6 months or so. His theory is that it takes about that amount of time for the body's natutral healing processes to be ready. He recommends trying all kinds of treatment during those first six months - and applauded my choice of acupuncture. He says that after six months or so, the massive anti-inflammatory impact of the cortisone can allow nature to take over. He readily admits that it doesn't work for everyone - but says that it is always worth trying - and repeating twice (max three times) if necessary. So here's hoping........ 02:13:00

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